FAQ & Instructions

Q:  Can I use existing dies with my new PowerSnap™ Snap & Grommet Tool? 
A:   Yes! Legacy dies that have a 3/8” arbor will fit into your new PowerSnap Snap & Grommet Tool.


Q:  What does the lifetime warranty cover? 
A:   PowerSnap Snap & Grommet Tool is warranted against manufacturer defects for the life of the tool. Normal wear and tear are not covered. Coating scratching and scuffing are normal and to be expected with use. The warranty does not cover the loss of the tool or dies. 


Q:  What materials are the tool and dies made from? 
A:   Your PowerSnap Snap & Grommet Tool is made from corrosion-resistant, high-strength 365 aluminum. The snap dies are made from 304 stainless steel, and the grommet dies are made from black oxide steel.

Installing Fasteners:

  1. Get the Right Dies: Ensure you have the correct dies for your fasteners.
  2. Attach and Detach Dies: Put dies on or take them off the PowerSnap tool by pulling or pushing, and you can give them a twist if needed. They're held securely in place with black "O" rings.
  3. Adjust the Tool: Close the tool's handle, adjust the end bolt until the dies touch, and then back it off by half a turn. Now, insert your snap fasteners.
  4. Test on Scrap Fabric: Take a piece of folded scrap fabric with the same thickness as your project. Slide it between the dies and gently squeeze the handle. The fasteners should stay put without being overly tight.
  5. Fix Any Rotation: If a fastener unexpectedly turns, make corrections by turning the end bolt clockwise. Don't forget to remove the gray ring before carefully pressing the handle to ensure the fastener is in place.

    Installing Grommets:

    1. Creating the Hole: For standard or spur grommets, create a hole through all layers of material, insert the grommet and washer, and press with the PowerSnap tool. Keep in mind that the grommet should sit on the anvil, and the washer should be on the rolling part.
    2. Self-Piercing Grommet Dies: If you're using self-piercing grommet dies, there's no need to cut holes in the fabric. These dies are designed to both cut and roll the grommet in one swift motion. When placing the grommet and washer into the dies, it's recommended to start with the washer and then insert the grommet.

      With the instructions above, you can efficiently use the PowerSnap tool for installing fasteners and grommets, achieving precise results.